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Welcome to Polymers, Inc.


Polymers, Inc. is a diversified global distributor of a wide range of super absorbent polymers used for such applications as environmental cleanup, water conservation, irrigation management, hydroseeding, erosion control, hygiene,  and a wide variety of emerging technology products.  

Polymers, Inc. offers a wide range of super absorbent polymers for industrial and commercial uses, including hazardous, non-hazardous and low-lever radioactive waste solidification prior to final disposal.  Super absorbent polymer is proving to be the most cost effective alternative to traditional solidification techniques.  Polymers, Inc.  also has a new line of super absorbents specifically designed for medical waste clean up. 

 We often have commercial customers with  custom polymer requirements. These requirements can often be met with minimal additional expense.   Look for complete details about these services on our “special services” page  

 Our customers range from large international corporations involved in manufacturing and development of high tech products to small companies and individuals with innovative ideas for utilizing super absorbents. The Research and Development Team assists our customers in their efforts to improve existing products and develop new ones.  



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